It’s time to write and be radical

It’s time for me to get serious about writing.  Now, my goal is not to write a book and dominate the market.  If that should happen, no, I’m not thinking that far yet.  I need to do what God has told me to do today.  And that is to simply write little ramblings that might help or encourage someone else as they journey life’s path.

I was inspired to write a poem last year when I was in Jerusalem.  With a church group from Oceanside CA, I was sitting in the gardens on the hillside above the Church of The Nations.  This is what came to me:

Stand up. Stand up for Jesus
In how I live my life.
In how I walk day to day,
Each step along the way.

Following Jesus in my heart
And in my actions too.
May my life speak out and say
“I will not be moved.”

Be bold. Be brazen!
Be willing to be seen as
Radical for Jesus.
He is my only King!

So I declare to walk this walk I keep talking about.  I have had so many life experiences that help me relate to difficulties other women go through.  If I can help them with some words of encouragement, to help them refocus on God and His unlimited strength, peace, and power then I will have done what My Lord has asked of me.

Today I begin.



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