Poke the Box Workbook


This is a good PDF.  And it’s free.   If you are one who gets stuck when you have an idea of something you’d like to do or try, then take a few minutes to read this workbook.    Me, I get paralyzed by fear.  Yes, getting laughed at… Failing….   It will be too hard…  (compared to calculus, probably not)

I have projects to do around the house and a new one this week that I wasn’t expecting.  I guess I should have, but I hadn’t thought that far yet.   My daughter came home from 8 weeks at summer camp in Washington State.  It’s so good to have her home again.  But wait…  She has a 5 pm training meeting.  She wants to get moved into her new place before then…  Home, unload car, empty suitcases, do laudry, reload car, take her to school (except she’s living in a rental house off campus with some friends.)  And they need furniture.  She needs a bed.  Of course, take your bed from your bedroom……

Are you seeing yet my new project?   She has emptied her bedroom.  She will probably never live at home again.  She’s a senior in college.  So she said I can make her room into my real office, and let the guest bedroom be a real guest bedroom.   So that’s 2 rooms to rearrange.  Those who know me, know how I like to save every book, magazine, letter, etc.   There is so much clutter to be sorted and deleted.  And books and bookcases to move to the other room.  It’s fun to rearrange things, but I’m so overwhelmed by how much I have.  Pack rat, I am.  — I’m not a hoarder- we can still walk in all the rooms in the house.– Anyway, like the workbook says, just start.

It’s time to go move a bookcase or two…


2 thoughts on “Poke the Box Workbook

  1. sounded a bit like my daughter. Worked fulltime all summer, finished today, wanted to do school shopping last night 9-11 Walmart, now pulling stuff out of every corner as we need to drive her to her residence room (2nd year) tomorrow some time between son's soccer tournament. She's a residence VP so promises we won't see her as much this year. I had a cry while in the pool tonight. I miss the girly stuff and her energy while she's gone. Some how those feelings creep up. How are you doing?


  2. Thank you, Rosalie. I am actually doing quite well. It is an adjustment. I have moved my bookcases into her old bedroom. I still have much to sort thru. I like being in her room, even though it's not her room anymore. Just the closet and bathroom still are. Just give me time and I will rearrange that too. I've actually seen her several times in her first week back in San Diego, so it's nice. I know she is not too far away and I can drive there if I needed too. She's becoming very independent, for which I am thankful. That is a parent's job. To equip and release. I am reminded of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son Isaac. I've surrendered her many times as she went on mission trips and other places out of my control. I still miss her, of course. And it will never be the same as it once once. It's a good think I have those videos of Christmas and birthdays when she was just a child. May God's peace fill you with hope and comfort as you navigate life's transitions. Blessings to you.


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