Real Life Happens–the choice is yours

Have you ever noticed that real life is NOT the Disney fairy tale with the happily ever after ending? Don’t get me wrong–I love those fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty is my personal favorite. I planned to marry Prince Phillip –and then he moved away before Kindergarten. Happily ever after was over before it even had a chance to start.

How many things in life turn out that way? We have what we think is a good idea or a terrific plan, but it doesn’t turn out that way.

When life throws you a curve ball, how do you adapt? Do you whine and cry “woe is me”? Do you go with the flow and make the best of it? Do you quit playing and go home to hide out? Or do you look for the silver lining in every rain cloud?

Each day we have a choice to make. With what attitude are you going to approach the day? We can choose to be at the affect of our circumstances. Or we can choose our attitude regardless of our circumstances.

I’m finding that living life with a grateful attitude is a lot more joyful and enjoyable.

For example, last Saturday my husband and I drove from our home in the San Diego area to LAX to catch a plane to Maui. It all started off well. Traffic was ok. We got parked and took the shuttle to the airport. We got checked in. Yes! We got the upgrade to first class. Sweet! We board the plane, get luggage stowed, and get settled in our seat. We take off. We’re flying along about to be served breakfast, and the captain announces we have to turn around and go back to LAX. There is a malfunction in the air system. Quickly everything is picked up and the plane turns around . Landing safely at LAX, we discover we must deplane with all of out carry ons. Now what? All the planes to Hawaii are fully booked. We can’t just get another flight. We wait. They are going to try to fix the plane. They will let us know. Wait some more.

So how would you react? Upset at the 4 hour delay? Fussing about how all the good rooms would be already taken? Worried about if there would be any rental cars left? I was grateful we were safe on the ground. Grateful we didn’t have to make plane connections. And very thankful when we got to reboard the plane.

The choice is yours. Choose your attitude well. It will color your day.