Guest Post by Bethany Tipton — Reflections of a College Senior

Senior reflection series:

 Beth Tipton

By on March 19, 2012

by beth tipton

In life, there are multitudes of moments and events that have the capability to impact and completely change who we are currently, and more importantly, what we will become, if we let them. It is between these moments and happenstances that life occurs. Life occurs in the subtle moments, when we have our hands and hearts postured with an open perspective. This is a convergence of all things made new, of old things met with fresh perspectives. I am grateful for this gift of an education, for the diploma, for the collection of opportunities I have been granted and for the friends who have stuck with me and have shown me what hope looks like in the face of fear, and love in the sight of agony. To reduce eight semesters to a reflection that has story, convergence and a touch of laughter is challenging.

And here is how I shall attempt to create it. Here is a list of all the advice I wish I had heard while I was here:

1. Expand your horizons. Go beyond the limits of Lomaland Drive. As comfortable and inviting as it is to see the same person 10 times a day, there are others who are out there also. They deserve to see your facetime, too. #Studentministries #CityHeightsTutoring #internships #OlivewoodGardensandLearningCenter

2. Study abroad. Travel. There are many avenues of life and many lenses to examine it through. Get to know one outside the one you currently have. #Chile

3. Dare to be different. Grow into who you are and find people who will help challenge you and encourage your ebbs and rhythms and flows. #MinistrywithMexico #UrbanTerm2010

4. Be brave and bold. Academically, raise your hand and participate, lean into the discussion that is stirring in your mind and develop relationships with faculty and staff who will guide you with words, book recommendations and the hard cold facts. Ask questions. Develop strong arguments. Admit when you are wrong. Be strong when you are right. #PoliticalScienceDepartment #SocialWork #Dr.LupoIsMyHero

5. Eat more froyo and go to more school events. #70sSk8Nite

6. Develop your story. Tell your story; listen to stories. This is the best gift you will ever give and receive. #BridgetoTerabithia

7. Go outside; collect leaves. Feel the wind. Skip stones. Ask questions of what you see and whom you encounter. Get a sustainability or biology minor. #Wander

8. Do something that you aren’t the best at; this will help you remember that you have talents and to be grateful for them. #HandbellChoir

May we be people of hope, who bring listening ears, encouraging hearts and stories on stories to share.

May we hashtag to our hearts’ content.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

May the winds always be at your back; may the rain fall on your fields.

May you have people who show you what true embrace looks like.

May you feel the seasons, and remember: Not all those who wander are lost.


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