Cherished Birthdays and Friends

In a 3 day span, 4 of my girlfriends have their birthdays as well as my father.
How does it happen that important people in my life celebrate their birthdays in such close proximity to each other? Is there any truth to the horoscopes, personalities, and the alignment of the stars? Do you run across any friends or family members whose birthdays fall in clusters? Or am I the only one who has ever noticed this?

What is this coincidence? And, more importantly, does it matter?

To me, birthdays are important to notice. Each birthday should be a celebration of that person, a recognition of the gift they are to us from God. Each of these women have been a close friend to me at different times in my life. One is a friend from high school days. One was a college roommate. One was close to me when my daughter was in elementary school. (She helped me get Beth to swimming lessons on days I had to work, among other things. ) The other one is my best friend now in my daily life. How I cherish each of them, sisters in my heart, blessings from God.

My dad is now 94 years old. Wow! I am so thankful for the Godly man he has been in my life. He has had a good, long, healthy life; however the end is nearing. His oldest brother and one of his younger brothers have passed on ahead of him. Someday soon it will be his turn. Am I showing my love to him as much as I can while there is still time?

How do you choose to live your life? What will be your memories of this day, today?
The choice is ours. Cherish the day or waste it away. Make treasured memories or let it be a blur. The future is ours to hold. Make each day count.

Have you noticed birthday clusters in your friends and family?
How do you feel about birthdays?



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