Life is Short


Life is short

One of my favorite uncles died today. He was failing in health so it was not a surprise. I knew it was coming. And yet reading the email and Facebook post was sad. It brought me to tears.

It’s a reminder that Life is short. We need to live our lives aware of what we are doing. Let’s not just go through the motion. I will admit, I am guilty. Many days, I just drift with the tide and let the day escape me with little or nothing accomplished. Yes, I have a long list of things to do. They will probably never all get done:
Scan all my photos
Sort my 2 file cabinets– 4 drawers each
Sort my collection of fabric
Shred my old credit card statements ( how long do we really need to keep them? Does anyone know? Yes, I really would like this information.)
Digitize all my notes
Na — not all happening.

So what is really important? In the movie THE WAY, the adult son says to the dad,
“You don’t choose a life. You live it.” It left me asking, am I living my life? Or just going thru the motions? I can choose to be intentional about how I live my life. What matters most to you? For each of us it may be different. Acquire possessions? Have thrilling dare-devil experiences? Travel more, See the world? Spend more time with loved ones– friends, family, grandchildren ? For me, life is about connections and relationships.
I love the stories of the Bible. It’s all about God seeking a relationship with each of us. He loves us. “Three things will last forever ā€” faith, hope, and love ā€” and the greatest of these is love”. 1 Corinthians 13:13

This is my aim of how I live my life: to love God and to love others. To shine God’s light in life to point others to Him. My uncle lived his life this way. All glory to God.

How do you choose to live your life? What matters most to you?


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