Painting Goes Better With Light


Painting goes better with light. 5/25/12
Some things can be done in the dark— eat popcorn while watching a movie, listen to music, pray, sleep, dream..
For Most things, we need some light. To read. To prepare food. To sort clothes for laundry.
Today, I needed light to paint a room, specifically, a small bathroom. There was some light coming in through the window above the shower/ tub enclosure. A light in that section was turned on and functioning. In order to thoroughly paint the wall, the light fixture above the double sinks and mirror had been removed. No direct light in that part of the room. So I think ( maybe that was the mistake?), that should be enough to see for now.
I grab a small paintbrush and begin to edge the room. I think I’m doing pretty well. Then I use the roller or the rest of the walls. Time to let it dry.
A little while later, we’re sorting out another room. “Take that lamp down to the garage for the sale, ” she tells me. “I want to use it in the bathroom to look at the painting,” I say and move the lamp in there. After plugging it in and turning it on, I inspect my painting. Not so good!
I did need more light. That paintbrush was not applying the paint as smoothly as it looked like it was. What an illusion! What a big mistake to think I could paint in dim lighting.
I’ve been painting walls for years. The first wall I painted was when I was in junior high school. My older brother had gone away to college; I got to have his room! Yippee! I was going to have a room of my own, no longer needing to share with my younger sister. So I painted that room. In this house I have painted the kitchen, family room, living room, bonus room, upstairs and downstairs hallway. One bedroom and bath I have painted 3 times; ceiling too.
So, you see, I am experienced. I know I need light to see how the paint is going on the wall.
All of this is to say, we all need some light shining in our world. Sunshine and clear blue skies with a few fluffy clouds is my favorite. Sometimes it’s people in our lives who shine their light and brighten our world.
His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path always, to guide and to guard me from sin and show me His heavenly ways. Psalm 119:105
Let your light so shine before men that they may see you good works and glorify your father in heaven. Matthew 5:16
Are you shining your light?
What’s the next step you need to take to let your light shine?


Storms of Life

Storms of Life 5/19/12
The older I get, the more clearly I see just how fragile life is. In an instant, life’s circumstances can change. Bad news from a doctor. An early morning call from the highway patrol. The stocker market crashes. The company downsizes and downsized you out of a job. The car needs new brakes and timing belt. What do you do when life throws you these curve balls? How do you react?

These things are just things– or are they?

Storms of life swirl all around us.
A broken toe? A broken heart?
What do we do when the wind blows strong?
And threatens to take us down?
Do we hide in the closet till the wind blows past?
Do we run to phone a friend?
Do we muster up courage to fix it ourselves ?
Or do we run to Our Savior, The Lord?
When in the boat on the Sea of Galilee
And the winds were churning the waves,
The disciples worried and fretted some more
Before they called to The Lord.
The Lord was there the whole time it was happening.
He was there from beginning to end.
He was content and peacefully sleeping,
Just waiting to be asked for his hand.
The disciples eventually turned to The Lord
And woke him up from his sleep.
Lord, don’t you care? We’re going to die!
Is that really what they think?
It’s The Lord who is with them from beginning to end
That means He is there in the midst.
He is with you in storms. He’s right in the middle.
Even if He’s asleep in the boat.
Just call to Him and He will answer you.
His love is forever for you.
He’s awaiting your call, to be asked for his help.
He has strength to handle it all.
He does not want us to go through troubles alone.
He promises to be by our side.
What ever the outcome, one thing is still true
He is always still walking with you.
So go to Him first. Whatever you do.
Just ask for His help. His promise is true.
He’s still in the midst of whatever befalls,
In His power is victory for all. Just ask.


Curious Kitten


We have a new kitten in our house. Her given name is Tiger Lilly, but I call her Zeva Lilly, because she looks more like a zebra than a tiger. She is a brown tabby with some traits of a Maine Coon. Isn’t she adorable? I’ve had cats before. In fact, I’ve had many cats before, and most of them came to me as kittens. But it has been a very long time since we’ve had a kitten in our house. Like 14 years. The kitten times go so fast and so quickly are forgotten.

Kittens are a delightful creation of Our Lord. They are so playful, curious, and have so much energy. Like having a baby gave me a new perspective, seeing the world through her young eyes, so does this kitten give me a new awareness and remind me of cats’ and kittens’ habits and behaviors. This little girl is so curious to every little sound and crinkle of paper. So much so, that it’s the easiest way to catch her. I just crinkle some paper or cellophane ( not plastic) and Zeva comes scampering to find the new surprise. She loves to chase after string or ribbon or yarn. However, we need to teach her Not to chew on cords (or we’re going to go thru a lot of sets of earphones and who knows what else). She wants to play with the silk plants and flowers in the house. YES, Zeva IS an INSIDE cat. I’ve lost too many to coyotes.

Even the dog is learning to tolerate her. I think the dog even likes the entertainment sometimes. Charley girl wants to play with the kitten, but isn’t quite sure how. The game use to be: How close can I get to the kitten before she swats at me and hisses? Now it seems to be: Where is Zeva hiding? And Chase and Tag. Charley is very gentle with the kitten. It seems to be my dog’s personality, unless she sees a breed of dog she doesn’t like. However does she know? I’m enjoying having Zeva around. I will miss her when she moves at the end of the summer with her real owner. You see, I’m just the grandma.

Lessons to learn from Zeva:
Continue to see life from different perspectives.
Be playful.
Take the time to adjust to the changes in life.
I’m sure there will be more to come…

The Elephant in the Room called Mother’s Day

What do you think of when Mother’s Day is mentioned? Do you have wonderful memories of your mother? Is your mother still living? Is she healthy? Do you have a good relationship with her? Or has she passed on? Do you miss her so much you want to cry?

If you are a woman, are you a mother? Do you love your children? Do you dream of becoming a mother? Are you filled with angst wondering if and when it will be your time? Or is it way past you biological time? Have you reached a peace about that?

Relationships can be tricky. Women get moody with hormones and emotions. It’s complicated. Sometimes its easier for girlfriends to get along well than for sisters who are family. Family and blood ties should mean something. Why do they go wrong?

For me, every May is bittersweet. May is springtime and flowers and hope for a fun summer. And it’s also Mother’s Day. And my mother’s birthday. Today! She would have been 91, but she passed away when she was only 69. Colon cancer with mets to bone and liver. A preventable tragedy. ( Soap box announcement– get your routine cancer testing done and keep doing it!) She’s been gone almost 22 years. And I still miss her. Sometimes I cry. Most days I’m fine. On her birthday, I get glum. The cloud will pass eventually. She is in a better place. And even if she hadn’t died so young, I doubt she would still be living now. More than half of my aunts and uncles have died. She is with them, rejoicing and praising Jesus. That brings me a peace and comfort that can’t be explained.

Let’s remember to Be Grateful. (I am so very thankful I had a wonderful mother– not perfect, mind you– but wonderful.) Be Joyful in all things. My mother passing has made me more sensitive to others losses. I have been able to comfort others and encourage them in difficult times. There has been a purpose in the pain.
Be at Peace. Let the peace of God that exceeds all understanding keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Celebrate your mom.
All glory be to God.



There is a Me I Want to Be

There is a me I want to be.
There is a me I think I am.
There is a me I think others think I am.
There is a me I think others want me to be.

There is a me I am right now.
There is a me that God knows that I can be.
I want to be that me that God wants me to be.
How do I get there from here?

That IS the question.
What is the gap between me now …
and what God knows that I can be?
How do I bridge that gap?

How do I find the way to get there?
What is it I must do?
Pray. Obey. Trust. Have faith.
What are the steps I need to take?

I can not get there in one leap.
I must get there step by step.
Right foot. Left foot. One little hop.
A skip. A jump. A step of faith.

God has assured me that He is with me.
He is right beside me holding my hand.
I may stumble. And I just might fall.
But He is with me through it all.

I won’t be shaken- well, not too much…
The rock I stand on is solid ground.
So let the earth vibrate to its delight,
Jesus Christ is my solid ground.

With Jesus I know that I am loved .
Flawed and fallen, I come to Thee.
You are my rock, my fortress, my shelter.
In you I can find my strong tower.

The storms of life will swirl around
But in your arms I can be found.
That is the place of safety for me.
That is the cleft of rock I seek.

I surrender, Lord, to thee.
Your will is what I want for me.
Show me the way, which way to go.
Please light the path and make it known.

Lord, I will follow you anywhere
Please just make the pathway clear.
Show me the me you want me to be
To glorify you in all I do.