The Elephant in the Room called Mother’s Day

What do you think of when Mother’s Day is mentioned? Do you have wonderful memories of your mother? Is your mother still living? Is she healthy? Do you have a good relationship with her? Or has she passed on? Do you miss her so much you want to cry?

If you are a woman, are you a mother? Do you love your children? Do you dream of becoming a mother? Are you filled with angst wondering if and when it will be your time? Or is it way past you biological time? Have you reached a peace about that?

Relationships can be tricky. Women get moody with hormones and emotions. It’s complicated. Sometimes its easier for girlfriends to get along well than for sisters who are family. Family and blood ties should mean something. Why do they go wrong?

For me, every May is bittersweet. May is springtime and flowers and hope for a fun summer. And it’s also Mother’s Day. And my mother’s birthday. Today! She would have been 91, but she passed away when she was only 69. Colon cancer with mets to bone and liver. A preventable tragedy. ( Soap box announcement– get your routine cancer testing done and keep doing it!) She’s been gone almost 22 years. And I still miss her. Sometimes I cry. Most days I’m fine. On her birthday, I get glum. The cloud will pass eventually. She is in a better place. And even if she hadn’t died so young, I doubt she would still be living now. More than half of my aunts and uncles have died. She is with them, rejoicing and praising Jesus. That brings me a peace and comfort that can’t be explained.

Let’s remember to Be Grateful. (I am so very thankful I had a wonderful mother– not perfect, mind you– but wonderful.) Be Joyful in all things. My mother passing has made me more sensitive to others losses. I have been able to comfort others and encourage them in difficult times. There has been a purpose in the pain.
Be at Peace. Let the peace of God that exceeds all understanding keep your hearts and minds safe in Christ Jesus.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. Celebrate your mom.
All glory be to God.




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