Curious Kitten


We have a new kitten in our house. Her given name is Tiger Lilly, but I call her Zeva Lilly, because she looks more like a zebra than a tiger. She is a brown tabby with some traits of a Maine Coon. Isn’t she adorable? I’ve had cats before. In fact, I’ve had many cats before, and most of them came to me as kittens. But it has been a very long time since we’ve had a kitten in our house. Like 14 years. The kitten times go so fast and so quickly are forgotten.

Kittens are a delightful creation of Our Lord. They are so playful, curious, and have so much energy. Like having a baby gave me a new perspective, seeing the world through her young eyes, so does this kitten give me a new awareness and remind me of cats’ and kittens’ habits and behaviors. This little girl is so curious to every little sound and crinkle of paper. So much so, that it’s the easiest way to catch her. I just crinkle some paper or cellophane ( not plastic) and Zeva comes scampering to find the new surprise. She loves to chase after string or ribbon or yarn. However, we need to teach her Not to chew on cords (or we’re going to go thru a lot of sets of earphones and who knows what else). She wants to play with the silk plants and flowers in the house. YES, Zeva IS an INSIDE cat. I’ve lost too many to coyotes.

Even the dog is learning to tolerate her. I think the dog even likes the entertainment sometimes. Charley girl wants to play with the kitten, but isn’t quite sure how. The game use to be: How close can I get to the kitten before she swats at me and hisses? Now it seems to be: Where is Zeva hiding? And Chase and Tag. Charley is very gentle with the kitten. It seems to be my dog’s personality, unless she sees a breed of dog she doesn’t like. However does she know? I’m enjoying having Zeva around. I will miss her when she moves at the end of the summer with her real owner. You see, I’m just the grandma.

Lessons to learn from Zeva:
Continue to see life from different perspectives.
Be playful.
Take the time to adjust to the changes in life.
I’m sure there will be more to come…


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