Storms of Life

Storms of Life 5/19/12
The older I get, the more clearly I see just how fragile life is. In an instant, life’s circumstances can change. Bad news from a doctor. An early morning call from the highway patrol. The stocker market crashes. The company downsizes and downsized you out of a job. The car needs new brakes and timing belt. What do you do when life throws you these curve balls? How do you react?

These things are just things– or are they?

Storms of life swirl all around us.
A broken toe? A broken heart?
What do we do when the wind blows strong?
And threatens to take us down?
Do we hide in the closet till the wind blows past?
Do we run to phone a friend?
Do we muster up courage to fix it ourselves ?
Or do we run to Our Savior, The Lord?
When in the boat on the Sea of Galilee
And the winds were churning the waves,
The disciples worried and fretted some more
Before they called to The Lord.
The Lord was there the whole time it was happening.
He was there from beginning to end.
He was content and peacefully sleeping,
Just waiting to be asked for his hand.
The disciples eventually turned to The Lord
And woke him up from his sleep.
Lord, don’t you care? We’re going to die!
Is that really what they think?
It’s The Lord who is with them from beginning to end
That means He is there in the midst.
He is with you in storms. He’s right in the middle.
Even if He’s asleep in the boat.
Just call to Him and He will answer you.
His love is forever for you.
He’s awaiting your call, to be asked for his help.
He has strength to handle it all.
He does not want us to go through troubles alone.
He promises to be by our side.
What ever the outcome, one thing is still true
He is always still walking with you.
So go to Him first. Whatever you do.
Just ask for His help. His promise is true.
He’s still in the midst of whatever befalls,
In His power is victory for all. Just ask.



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