Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks

My husband and I love to watch movies. This Christmas holiday we saw ” Saving Mr Banks” which is a delightful story of Mr Disney’s struggle to get the movie rights to “Mary Poppins.”


The author, P.L. Travers is very proper in the British style. She has become very attached to her created character of Mary Poppins. Reluctant to relinquish her rights, Mr Disney sets his mind to win her over. It’s a challenge, to be sure. Walt must be most persuasive. As the story unfolds, we learn more about the author and her life as a child growing up. A life filled with a series of disappointments has colored how she sees the world. Holding on to Mary Poppins is one of her ways of coping with those disappointments. Ultimately, Disney persuades her that by sharing Mary Poppins, she can share her hope with children and adults everywhere. I’m so glad he was so persistent in courting her for the movie rights. What a blessing the Mary Poppins movie has been to the world… And to me.

I loved watching this story unfold. The scenes of the team creating the songs and trying to win Mrs Travers over were enchanting. Seeing her as a child and the way she loved her father, and her father loved her warmed my heart. Her father failed her many times; that part was really sad. Yet Disney had a way of making the most of it, turning it into hope and encouragement for all.

I grew up with The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday night tv. Disney captivated me with adventures and imagination. I was encouraged to dream big and reach for the stars to be whatever I wished to be. When you wish upon a star Your dreams come true.

What are you wishing for? What is your dream? What action do you need to take to put feet to your dreams?

Writing this post today is the beginning (yet again) of one of my dreams of writing. Maybe, I really can be a writer yet.



4 thoughts on “Mary Poppins and Saving Mr Banks

  1. Sarah – you are an inspiration! God gives you a wish and you answer yes and trust! So grateful technology affords me the opportunity to stay in touch with you, learn from you and be inspired. Love you so much!


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