The Lone Survivor– Never Forget

Just the other day, I finished reading a book that touched my heart and soul. It was recently released as a movie, although I have not seen it yet. Rest assured, we will.

Because my husband has read the book, I decided to read the book before I go with him to see the movie. ( We are big fans of movies.) Quite frequently, I never read the book on which the movie is based. I am usually a slow reader, savoring every morsel of detail. The movies can never go into all that detail and plot line, so unless it is a quick read, very popular, or both, I seldom read a book that gets turned into a movie. ( I read none of the Harry Potter books. I read all the Hunger Games.)


I am so very glad that I read “THE LONE SURVIVOR”. I am so filled with admiration, respect, and gratitude for the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces. All of them. Everywhere.

“The Lone Survivor” is the story of Marcus Luttrell, the only survivor of the Operation Red Wings in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan during the summer of 2005.
I won’t tell his story here, other than to say that by the title, he alone survives an insertion with his SEAL team to fight the Taliban. The book is well written, describes the ‘torture’ of the intense SEAL team training and all the other choices in his life that led him to be at that place and time. He was as well prepared as any man could be for what he experienced during that week. It’s a miracle he survived and lived to tell the story. He calls specific instances miracles. I agree.

It’s inconceivable to me what the SEALs go through to complete their training and prepare for duty. I’m a female whimp. I would never even dream of doing any of that. Get in the ocean with my boots on. No way. Let alone get wet and sandy.

What I want to say is THANK YOU to every man and woman who has ever served the USA military in any way, shape, or form. I have the deepest gratitude for your service, your dedication, your courage, your willingness to serve. For your perseverance under difficult circumstances, your never give ip attitude, for the sacrifice your family makes.

Believe me, I am sure it is a sacrifice. My husband traveled for his job one to three days each week for most of his career. It was a major inconvenience, especially when we had a small child at home. And that was nothing compared to what these military families have to adjust to during long months of deployment by their serving family member!
I have gotten many perks of being able to travel with my husband over the years. Please tell me, what perks do the Armed Forces families’ get?

What Marcus Luttrell saw and lived through in the Battle for Murphy’s Ridge is beyond my imagination. The horror of seeing his best buddies killed right in front of his eyes. The galant way those wounded SEALs kept fighting to the end. The anguish of knowing 16 other brave men never even got the chance to get off the helo before the enemy shot it down, all while responding to the last call for help to try to save you.


My eternal gratitude goes to the men whose real life actions are the reason for the retelling of this story. Never forget.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to those of you who still serve every day, and to those who have ever served, in order to keep this country the land of the free and the home of the brave.


One thought on “The Lone Survivor– Never Forget

  1. Lin

    I too have the read the book, at points with tears running down my face. The movie is going to be special. An interview with a Vice Admiral made it clear that Marcus Luttrell had “permission” to share the details of the training and the events that happened. We are richer for knowing about these special men, and the service they give on behalf of our country. I want them back home now.


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