Purple is the Color of Hope. By Sugar Jones

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Money, Money, Money…. It’s a Rich Man’s World

Money, Money, Money
Money, Money, Money

Money money money….It’s a rich man’s world.
Money, money, money.  Must be funny   In the rich man’s world.
Money, money, money.   Always sunny   In the rich man’s world.
All the things I could do…   If I had a little money,   It’s a rich man’s world.
That’s what the song lyrics say in Mama Mia, the musical, sung by Abba.

It’s a very pervasive feeling to want just a little bit more than we have. Whether it’s actual cash on hand, or the things that cash can buy. More shoes, more handbags, more clothes, a swimming pool, a better car, money to redecorate a room, or whatever it might be.

What is it the thing you need or want more of?

Recently, my hours at work have been cut from one or two days a week to none at all. Uh oh. That means no money coming in.

Now what do I do?

Changes in the economy happen. I could actually see this one coming, so I have been saving money to prepare for this. Saving for a down turn in the economy is an important aspect of preparing your financial health. Set aside some money out of every paycheck, even if it’s only $10. Little by little it all adds up and you have a safety net for when hard times come.

So, now that I have more free time (no work), I could do lots of shopping, redecorating, art projects, crafts, and … damage to my budget. To counteract that impulse, I have self imposed some restrictions: no buying shoes, clothes, or handbags for now. No school supplies. (I’m not in school. I don’t need them.) Before I purchase something new, I ask, “What do I have that I can use instead? What craft can I make with what I have? Where could I get that at a resale shop?” These are simple little steps to help cut my monthly credit card bill. Yes, I still have to buy fresh produce and groceries. We, of course, will still need the essential consumables like toilet paper and facial tissues, and more.
So, how do we resolve the conflict between our desires for earthly and heavenly treasure? In Luke 12:15 Jesus said, ” Watch out. Be on guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.”

So what does life consist of if not the “stuff” we have?

In our society, an abundance of possessions seems to equal an earthly security. In reality, this is a false security. Very false. Possessions, no matter what or how many, is just an illusion. It could all be gone tomorrow if the stock market crashes or a fire burns our house down. (It’s not a stretch of the imagination in this county and the very hot August we just had.)

Riches in heaven is where our stockpile should be. (Matthew 6:20) How do we put store piles in heaven?

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21)

Is Jesus and your relationship with him what you treasure most?

If it is, then we will want to spend our time, talents, and money on doing the work of Jesus in this world. His work is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the world, starting in your own house and neighborhood, and to make disciples, followers of Jesus. Whatever is done for Christ will last. These are the treasures of heaven.

Where is your stock pile?