Lessons from Lloyd

Lessons from Lloyd, my friend’s extra large dog.

Overflowing Hope

IMG_2369I have a 170 pound “blue” great dane named Lloyd. He is a big boy, and as we have traveled with him across the country, and are now temporarily housed in a small condominium, I have learned a few things from my gentle giant! I was concerned at how he would travel and adapt to all the changes in his life, but I am pleasantly surprised to report that as long as he is with my husband and I, everything in his world is fine. What does this teach me? I am not great with change and not knowing what will happen next. But I have a God who is with me all the time. He knows my every move and thought, and if I rely on Him for guidance and trust Him with all the new things in my life, my world can also be “fine!” I try too…

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