Good Friday

Good Friday. What’s good about it?
I don’t like Good Friday. I don’t like thinking about it.

I hate that Jesus died such a gruesome death on the cross.

I hate the way the Pharisees riled up everyone against him.

I hate the way the Romans let themselves be persuaded to crucify him.

I hate that the people who were cheering his entrance to Jerusalem on Sunday were so fickle by Friday.  

I hate that his mother had to watch him endure the excruciating pain and suffering that he went through.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am grateful… eternally grateful that Jesus The Messiah willing died on the cross to pay for my sins. 

And YES, I have sinned. Many times. I deserve to go to hell for my sins.

Thank God he made a way so that I have another choice.

I can choose hell, which I fully deserve.

Or….. I can choose life in Jesus Christ, the risen, living Son of God.

By choosing Jesus, I get forgiveness for my sins. He already paid for them. Why not? Seems like an awesome option.

In choosing Jesus, I also get eternal life in heaven with Jesus.

Heaven is not for good people. 

Heaven is for people who love God and love Jesus and choose to follow Him.

You just can’t be good enough to get into heaven.

You must be forgiven.

There is only one way to be forgiven…. Confess and Repent.  

Confess is simply to admit that you have sinned. ( and you know you have. You’re not perfect. No one is.) Come on, admit it.

Repent means to turn away from those wrong things, whatever they are. You know. Repent in your heart. Truly want to change. However, you don’t need to make those changes before you accept Jesus; He wants you to come just the way you are, warts and all.

Then accept what Jesus did on the cross for you. He paid for my sins there. He paid for yours too. It’s been paid, but you must accept it, or it doesn’t count.

It’s like having a ticket to the Super Bowl and not going. That’s just silly. (Clearly my opinion.)

So, did you say to yourself: “Yes, I see it now. I want that.”  

Then tell Jesus…

“Hey Jesus. I get it now. I have sinned. Thank you for paying for my sins. I want to spend eternity in heaven with you. I want to trust you and follow you. Help show me how.”

Welcome to the community of God’s children. Your eternity begins now. And go tell somebody what you did.

The Good in Good Friday is that it didn’t end there, with a gruesome death on a cross. 

The Good in Good Friday is that on Sunday the tomb was empty. 

He is Risen. He lives again, back then, now, and still he lives on.

We serve a living God, not a dead guy on a cross. That is why the crosses you see that are in remembrance of that event are empty. He is alive! I can’t say it enough.

Many men and women have died to protect our freedom in America and around the world. I am very grateful for their service and protection.

But Jesus died and became alive again to give us new life in eternity with him. Now don’t you want that gift? Come, just as you are.

The celebration of Good Friday for me is that Easter Sunday is coming.

Celebrate life. 

He is alive. 

He is Risen. 




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