Creating Quality Time with Friends

Time? Who has time? Let alone “quality time”?

Recently I was back in small town Iowa for my high school class reunion. The committee planned a scavenger hunt with cryptic clues to various places in town. We divided into teams and set off to take selfies at each spot, climbing in and out of our car or minivan at each stop. It was so much fun! It was a great start to a wonderful weekend of renewing friendships and creating new memories. Bonds and rekindled friendships took place.

I treasure the times with friends in deep conversation, sharing my heart while learning something new, a bible study, or discussion at a book club. I love learning how another person thinks, feels, and their perspective.
What is the common denominator in all of this?

Time spent together in a relationship that is focused, intentional, and without distraction, and sharing our hearts—what resides deep within. Good conversation can happen when running an errand or walking the dog. At bunco. After seeing a movie together. And many other times.

What is your favorite way of spending quality time?
It’s important as busy women to pay attention to what feeds our sense of healthy contentment and make time to do it. To have quality time it all starts with TIME.

And how do we find time? We all have the same 168 hours each week.

To get time we must: 1. Prioritize. 2.Schedule it. 3.Then Do It.

Prioritize. Is it important to you? Then put it near the top of your list of things to do.

Schedule it. Put in on your calendar in your schedule. Weekly or monthly or quarterly. If it’s important, it needs to be planned for. Yes, spontaneous times can occur but you can’t rely on if and when that will happen. If you really want it, schedule it.

Then Do It. Keep your agreements. If you’ve scheduled a time with friends, but you don’t “feel” like it, do it anyway because you said you will and your friends are counting on you.

Quiet time with Jesus Christ is quality time well spent. He is always waiting for you. He wants to hear your heart, even though he already knows what is hidden inside. He wants us to know him too, his character and how he wants to help us become our best selves. Be kind and loving, generous, and accepting of others, even if we don’t agree on politics, lifestyles, or philosophies. He is the most important relationship in my life. I hope my life gives evidence of this.

I need my girlfriends too. Dr Laura Schlesinger says don’t expect your husband to be your girlfriend. This has been so true for me in my life. I need my girlfriends for those long walks and talks, long lunches, and bible studies, or book discussions.

So what will you do with this information? It’s all up to you.

Prioritize creating quality time with your friends. Schedule it. Get it on your calendar. And Do It. Let the good times begin. It can soothe your soul and enhance your relationships.

Now, recall a favorite memory of sharing quality time with someone. Call or text her, or better yet, send her a note in the mail and thank her for the memories shared.

And then plan the next time you will get together.

Leave a comment (button above) and tell me what your next step is.


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