Are you Fireproof?

Recently I was fortunate to see a screening of this new movie “Fireproof” set to be in movie theaters Sept 26, 2008. The movie is awesome! This is not just another entertaining movie. This is a movie with a message. It left me energized and on fire for the future of marriages. This movie is about a firefighter captain and his troubled marriage. He can rescue victims from burning buildings, but can he rescue his wife and revive their marriage? This movie shows the captain as he walks through his life, both on and off the job. At work, he is grounded, level headed, and knows what to do. At home, he struggles with what to say and what to do to revive his marriage. It is not easy. The process can’t be rushed. Yet it is well worth the time and effort.

His father becomes his marriage coach, someone he can turn to when the going gets tough. His father gives him a tool to guide him, a book called “The Love Dare”, with concrete steps to take and issues to think about. So often we think a marriage should be easy. It was easy falling in love, right? Why isn’t it easy staying in love and being married? Because life is not easy. Day to day living is not easy. It’s so daily. We have to brush out teeth every day to keep our mouths clean and prevent cavities. We have to eat every day to nourish our bodies. We need to move our bodies (that dreaded word exercise)every day to keep our muscles working. Why do we think we don’t need to spend time nourishing our marriages every day! Make a date. Tell your friends. This will be the movie to see this September to rock your world and revive your marriage.