Yellow Deli in Vista CA

We had a delightful meal tonight at the Yellow Deli in Vista California. I don’t know if we would have found it on our own. (Daughter, you will love it!) We live in Carlsbad and seldom go to the downtown section of Vista, even though it’s not really that far away. A friend Yelped it to us awhile back. My husband and I went in September and really liked it. So we went again tonight with another couple and still liked it. It’s a charming building with wonderful wood work. The food is very good: Design your own sandwiches, soup, tea, desserts. There are several across the United States. It’s part of the Twelve Tribes. I can’t do it justice to explain what that is, so go to their web site and read it for yourself. You just might be inspired. Or just drop by The Yellow Deli for a cup of tea and see for yourself.


What shall this blog be?

So to be, or not to be? Really, it’s What to be, as in What shall this blog be? I’ve been reading a few of my friends blogs tonight and getting inspired. But what shall my blog be? Does anyone want to hear from me? What do you want to hear? You probably don’t want to hear about my political views. Like why police have the right and duty to check documentation paperwork. Or why I like the San Francisco Giants baseball (because my husband is happy when they win) Or why I am Pro Life !! The right to choose is when you chose to have sex…. Abortion is not a method of birth control !!! How to pack light when you travel. (ask my husband) How to keep your marriage together (commitment)

Is anyone reading this? Post a comment so I know someone is out there.